Flea Prevention Application Instructions

When you start puppy raising, you will be provided with heartworm and flea prevention for the puppy. Heartworm prevention is given as a pill and can be added to the pup's meal. The flea prevention we provide is topical, applied directly to the skin.

Heartworm preventative is an oral tablet. This should be given to your pup on the 1st of each month.
Flea/Tick Prevention is to be applied on the 15th of each month as follows:

  1. Locate the correct dosage for the pup's current weight. The cap of the prevention will be a different color for each dosage size.
    1. The green topped tube is for pups that weigh 15-33 lbs. over 12 weeks of age
    2. The orange topped tube is for dogs that weigh 33 to 66 lbs.

  2. Open the prevention by pushing the cap in to puncture the tube. Hold upright until you're ready for application.

  3. Part the pup's hair at the shoulder blades so their skin is visible.
    1. Starting at the back of the head, run your hand down the back of the next until you feel the shoulder blades. There will be two raised, bony areas and then soft muscle between them.

  4. Squeeze the tube of flea prevention directly onto the pup's skin.


  6. Do not bathe the pup within 48 hours of applying the prevention.

  7. If you notice fleas on your pup or the pup has an adverse reaction to the prevention provided, please contact your advisor or area coordinator.