Post-Surgical Care

The puppy you are raising may be spayed or neutered during their time with you. It is important to follow these guidelines so the pup is kept comfortable and safe.

Daily Routine

  • Walk the puppy on a leash for 5 to 6 days; do not permit free running and jumping.
    • Even if the pup is acting "fine" it is important to not allow activity that could cause damage to the internal and external sutures.
    • If the pup seems energetic or bored practice obedience, give them a food puzzle toy to play with, or take them on frequent and short walks.
  • In the house, limit strenuous activity; do not permit jumping or running up and down stairs.
    • Supervise the pup's behavior so they do not lick or chew on the incision site.

At the incision site

  • Follow any instructions provided by the veterinary or Foundation to ensure cleanliness of the incision site.
  • Incision area needs to be clean and dry for proper healing to take place. If any soiling should occur, wipe area gently with gauze pad moistened with warm water.
  • Discourage the puppy from licking or biting at the sutures. If necessary, an “Elizabethan” or E-collar can be used. 
  • There may be some redness and/or slight swelling at the suture site. Any unusual redness or swelling, however, should be reported.