Congratulations! Your hard work as the puppy raiser helped this team succeed. This phone call is an opportunity for you to speak with the student and learn more about them and connect before you meet at Celebration Saturday. Here are some pointers:

 You can call the student with the student room phone number between 6:30pm-7:00pm.

 The students have to relieve the dog and prepare for the next day of training so the phone call should end around 8pm to make sure the team is well rested for the next day.

 Please do not share personal or contact information until after Celebration Saturday.  

  • You will have the opportunity to exchange phone numbers, emails, social media, etc. after the student returns home. 

 The time you had with the dog was during their puppyhood. Puppy raising is so much fun; tell the student about your experience! Puppy raisers sometimes deal with the hard stuff, but we make sure every dog is safe and ready to train by the time they're placed. Please make sure to avoid these topics

  • Health issues like skin, eyes, gastrointestinal issues, etc.
  • Behavior issues like resolved house behaviors, fears, distraction issues, etc.

 Ask the student how class is going! This phone call gives you the opportunity to hear about how all your hard work has paid off! You've prepared the dog for all the places they've been going during class with your attendance at puppy classes and public socialization.

 Tell the student what the dog was like as a puppy! 

  • Were they playful, loved snoozing, or just hanging out? 
  • What fun places did you take the dog? 
  • What were some of your proudest moments as a puppy raiser?  
  • Any favorite toys or playtime games?

 Share what the dog experienced in your home and day to day life. Chances are you both have a lot in common! 

 Ask the student about their life? What do they like to do for fun? What are they looking forward to experiencing with the dog? 

Thank you so much for volunteering with us. Because of you we can reach our mission of helping people live without boundaries!